The Armstrong Dune Supreme is the UK’s most popular and bestselling range of ceiling tiles.  Despite having been around for longer than most of us can recall, this range is now is being phased out.

This stalwart of the Office Décor measures just 600x600mm but it is almost incalculable how many thousands of square meters this tile must cover in offices up and down the land.

Fortunately, its succsessor the Dune eVo ceiling range was officially launched during an exclusive event at Mercedes World recently.

The Dune eVo range is the fifth evolution of Armstrong’s popular Dune tile, first launched in 1984, and has been developed following feedback from customers. The result is a range of attractive and effective ceiling systems, which can be re-used multiple times, taking both the ownership lifecycle and occupancy well-being to new heights.

The Dune eVo range will replace all existing Dune tiles as an almost equal equivalent but with better performance and a whiter more light reflective face. As the replacement tiles have a different specification to the old tiles, trying to mix the new Dune eVo tiles with existing Dune tiles may not work very well as they will look different in an existing suspended ceiling installation. 

For our Customers who are looking after the ‘Built Environment’ and have purchased Armstrong Dune tiles pre June 2017, we highly recommend ordering spares whilst the Dune tiles are still available.  At present, Current Force can source the older tiles, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee for how long, making the chances of your customers having to retile whole areas an ever increasing prospect.

Meantime, here's an overview of the official eVo launch - not much about ceiling tiles but lots of nice cars being put through their paces...

There's also a promotional video for the new eVo tiles which is almost as surreal, but not quite as much fun:

If you would like any more information or a quote for ceiling tiles from either range, do please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .