Walking in London

london tube train

For those that work in London, moving from place to place can be a real pain, especially during peak hours. For many they trusty ‘Tube Map’ for London Underground has been an essential companion for many travellers over the years, this aide to travel now has a friend…

The Walking Map! Transport for London (Tfl) have a ‘Walking Team’, who one assumes have been busy…walking! They have produced maps similar in design to the Tube maps we all use:

These new maps detail the walking time (or number of steps) between Main Line railway stations and Tube stations.

Via the TFL website, you can plan your walking journey between two points and they are at pains to remind you that walking can be “…a great way to get around London: it’s free, healthy and green” and there are not too many lunches that could sell themselves with that strapline!

Spring has sprung, now at last it is time to get beach ready, so download their map that relates to your regular commute and get in touch with the streets again. As their website confirms:

  • The likelihood of being obese falls by ‘nearly five per cent’ for each additional kilometre walked per day
  • A quarter of Londoners are getting all the activity they need to stay healthy just through the walking and cycling they do in the transport system

And if you want to save money as well as get fitter, there’s even a list of 109 Central London journeys that could be quicker to walk – maybe even stopping off at a nice pub on the way through!…