Fire Extinguishing Ball


Without going into all the Sci-fi analogies we’ve been made aware of, here is a Fire Extinguisher that brings fire suppression right up to date. With an ingenious design…

The Elide Fire Ball is described as “the simplest and fastest way to extinguish fire”.

Looking rather like a Pokéball, but much more powerful, it can be used to extinguish Fires in Classes A B C & E and it can be activated by actively throwing the ball into the fire or mounting the ball close to a High Risk area on its self-activating mount.

At just 1.5kg and a diameter of less than 150mm, we feel this ingenious product is worth investigating.

See below for a short video:

Features and Benefits

  • Compact and light weight only 1.5 kgs
  • Self-activating even without people present in the case of fire, activation time 3 seconds
  • Warning audio signal (alarm) 120dBA
  • Coverage 8-10m2
  • Temperature stability -60 to +85deg C
  • Supplied with wall mounted cradle
  • Ease of use, minimal training no pins, and no moving or mechanical parts
  • Greater safety for users, no need to face dangerous flames and gases at close distances No false alarms, or tampering, cannot be activated without fire
  • Flexible, aesthetic design and simple installation, tabletop, wall mount and mobile
  • No inspection and maintenance requirement for life span of the product, 5 year shelf life
  • Symbol of fire Class A, B, C and E in conformity with EU Standards

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