From Dancing Daisies to Dorgard SmartSound

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Everyone will be familiar with the Dorgard, a wireless retaining device that automatically closes fire doors on the sound of the alarm, preventing the spread of fire. We were interested to learn more about how this simple, reliable and, above all, legal fire door retainer came to be.

Back in 1994, Neil Purssey watched a dancing daisy and wondered about the application of turning sound into movement.   Could this mean something could react to the sound of a fire alarm and therefore shut a fire door?

From this original idea Neil came up with the innovative Dorgard. The first models were red and, through the years, a range of other colours were introduced,including a rather funky pink spotty one and silver and gold fronts for an extra special finish on a door that requires a rather more elegant look.

Dorgard is now available in black, white and red as standard together with a range of wood-style finishes which are also available on request, but the standard brown is currently being phased out.

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For many years the manufacturer Fireco, based in Hove on the Sussex Coast near Brighton, has developed intelligent products and systems that listen for the sound of the fire alarm and help service providers comply with their responsibilities and legal obligations under legislation, making compliance easy.

The latest addition to the brand, the Dorgard SmartSound – which won’t release to the sound of a vacuum cleaner – has just been launched.

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