Headquarters Office Building – South East London

Headquarters Office Building – South East London

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One of the maintenance contracts that Current Force supply is the Headquarters of one of the most famous charities in the world.

This contract represents a number of interesting challenges from a Facilities Management perspective. Due to the age of the building the majority of the fixtures and fittings within have now reached an age were replacement is required and we have supplied goods which are functional, and price conscious – as per the needs of any charity. As a flagship office our client needs, and indeed demands, the highest quality goods, and we have delivered these whilst adhering to the price constraints in place.

We have been on hand to supply new carpets after a grease spillage, iron gating to increase security and supplied the site with all of the emergency lighting fittings, controls, and battery packs.

The area surrounding the building is due for major renovation and our client is keen to keep up with the times. With much work afoot there be more unique challenges, but we will continue to relish these opportunities to show exactly how versatile a supplier we have become.

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