Multi-Tenanted Office Block – City of London

Multi-Tenanted Office Block – City of London

city of london

Set on the banks of the River Thames in one of the City’s prime locations, the headquarters of this independent regulator have been purchasing through Current Force since early 2011, and have challenged us with an increasing number of orders each year, which we have been able to deliver comfortably, and to our client’s specifications each time.

The challenges presented at this site are wide, varied and often interesting, from the replacement of the exterior entrance lighting of the main offices through to the procurement of covert security devices, which were installed across the site.

Aside from items out of the ordinary we have supplied the site with all manner of functional items, imperative to the management and maintenance of any built environment; including an agreed programme to replace their emergency lighting batteries & controls over a rolling 6 month period, with fixed costs & “Just in Time” deliveries.

We have visited the site on numerous occasions, to offer our professional opinions and where suitable technical recommendations, and the team onsite are always as pleased to receive our recommendations and feedback, as we are to attend and offer them.

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Click here to view a breakdown of goods supplied to this site or do please contact us to discuss your own particular requirements or arrange a site visit from one of our team.

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