Customer Service Pledge

As a distributor to some of the largest and most recognisable companies in the Facilities Management Sector, we appreciate that exemplary customer service is a necessity and as such adhere to a Customer Service Pledge to ensure our customers receive the care they need to continue to deliver for their clients:

1. Ownership

We believe that our customers should be able to discuss any requirements for quotes, and then subsequently any queries around these quotes, with one point of contact; ensuring continuity, quality of information and a faster resolution time. We aim to ensure that any query is dealt with through the supply process by one point of contact.

2. One Call Resolution

We appreciate that in the fast paced world of Facilities Management “time is money”, and that the more time our customers can spend servicing their clients the better. Therefore, we always attempt to resolve any query regarding a quote or an order on the first phone call. Where this isn’t possible we always offer a call back or response by email dependent upon the needs of the caller.

3. Fast response time for all enquiries

We aim to send a tailored quote to any customer within 1 working day. If we are unable to do this, or if prices take longer to gather, we’ll notify the customers of our progress at appropriate intervals.

4. Purchase orders acknowledged by email

All purchase orders will be acknowledged as soon as they are received, allowing our customers to move onto their next tasks, safe in the knowledge that they have not only received a suitable quote but also that their order has been processed and is progressing toward fulfilment.

5. Original requestor notified when goods despatched

Once goods are despatched we will email the original requestor to notify them, allowing administrators, shift leaders and engineers alike to plan their works accordingly, negating the need for phone calls chasing goods.

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